How Do I Lose Weight Now

Living a Purpose Driven Lifestyle


Since changing my lifestyle almost 3 years ago (wow, that feels good to say!), I’ve gone nuts…

…and it’s definitely been a good thing.

Instead of snacking on potato chips, pretzels, and buttery popcorn – I have a handful of almonds, or walnuts, now-a-days.

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Thanks to Prevention for helping us understand these 7 Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips!

Excellent information!

How inconvenient would it be for you to eat ‘real food’ for a month…

…these guys took on the challenge, and wow, that must have been intense!

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3 Sure Fire Ways to Feel Better

By charly2 On March 1st

Since my life-style change started, I’ve always looked for ways…

…to feel the best I can.

I’ve realized over the last few years, that there are multiple things to consider — such as:

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Recipes to Prevent Cancer & Heart Disease

By charly2 On February 14th

Looking to prevent cancer, heart disease & diabetes for you…

…and your family?

Who isn’t, right?

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Wow, I couldn’t believe it when I found this $99 device online, it’s…

…called FitBit, and it tests & measures all crucial data regarding fitness & sleep!

FitBit tracks:

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Five Foods That Will Help You Sleep

By charly2 On January 15th

As I’ve studied the effects of different foods on my body…

…it’s been clear that with most of my findings, it happens to others as well!

With that in mind, here’s five foods that will help you sleep:

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In my journey to lose weight, and change my lifestyle –

Make yourself heard

it’s been loud and clear…

I’ve proven it to myself, as have millions of others:

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If you’re looking for a great, interactive way to help in teaching kids nutrition, this…

My Pyramid Blast Off

web site provided by the US Government is a great start!

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9 Proven Ways to Beat Stress

By charly2 On June 10th

Is your day stressing you out?


Here’s 9 proven ways to beat stress:

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Wow, what a site (or sight?) ;)

This is why you're fat!

Like me, you probably need a reminder every once in a while about what NOT to eat. is the perfect place for that reminder!

Primarily showing:

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Only eat what you understand!

By charly2 On May 3rd

Try this for ONE day, and I think you’ll be amazed…

Good for you foods!

Only eat the foods that have an ingredient list you completely understand!

It gets really easy really quickly, when you realize you know what’s in the following foods:

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Why fiber saved my ass, literally…

By charly2 On April 26th

When I was my heaviest back in 1998…


I had THE WORST hemorrhoids ever.

I couldn’t:

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Wow, I stumbled upon this in a local health magazine, and studied more about it online.


Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that a compound derived from Wormwood (Artemisia annua L), an ancient herb used in Chinese medicine and asian salad dishes, is 1,000 times more specific in killing certain kinds of cancer cells that currently available drugs.

You can learn all about Wormwood by following these links:

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“It’s just bread!”

That’s what I used to say…

white vs. whole wheat braad

Now, I know there’s a world of difference!

White bread is usually made from white flour, which quickly turns into (refined) sugar in the body.  Refined sugar fuels cancer growth and triggers inflammation.

100% Whole Wheat bread (especially 100% Whole Grain bread), on the other hand, is filled with phytochemicals and antioxidants — and packed, naturally, with B & E vitamins, along with magnesium, iron and fiber.

It’s really important when you pick a wheat bread that it says “100% Whole Wheat” or “100% Whole Grain”, watch out for phrases like:

  • multi-grain,
  • seven grain,
  • bran, and
  • stone ground.

Even if a bread is brown, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% Whole. ;)

Here’s to eating what’s what best for you, and your body!

If you’ve had someone you love die, or fight, cancer – usually you’ll make some lifestyle adjustments to assure you’re not increasing your risk as well.

I know I have, and I know many people who have as well.

Good Foods

Here’s a list of fierce foods for fighting & preventing cancer:

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One of the biggest surprises I found after about a month of living my new lifestyle was having consistent energy throughout the day.

My old lifestyle consisted of a lunch like this:

Fries, Cheeseburger and Coke

and it was very common to find me passed out, napping, about 45 minutes after lunch.

I was riding a constant roller coaster throughout the day, and after I discovered it, I’d know:

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Want to live longer?

It comes down to three things – what you put:

  1. in your mouth,
  2. on your skin, and
  3. in your lungs.

If you want to find safe, healthy, green products for you and your family — you have to check out: - Find Safe Healthy and Green Products

GoodGuide offers you the ability to:

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Lose Weight Now – Tweet What You Eat!

By charly2 On March 2nd

Looking for a great way to lose weight now?

How do I lose weight now?

How you ask?

It’s a known fact that tracking what you eat results in weight loss.  I’ve lived it, as have thousands of others…

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What’s the difference in meat?

By charly2 On February 18th

Since adopting my new lifestyle of eating simple, healthy foods…


I’ve been eating much less read meat (maybe once or twice a month), overall, I’ve found:

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The cancer killing superfoods…

By charly2 On February 8th

What amazes me is how selfish & simple my plan became for losing weight & living a healthier lifestyle — after 10, yes TEN, years of trying everything, I essentially gave up and said:

“I’m going to try to stick to foods we (humans) haven’t screwed with”


Fortunately for me, I already really liked most of those types of foods, such as:

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A colorful salad that helps me lose weight

By charly2 On February 5th

It was this very salad, which I ate in Athens, Greece on our Honeymoon…


that prompted my amazingly talented wife (aka chef!) to create this version:

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Why fiber rules, and what you need to know!

By charly2 On January 21st

Weight Watchers has figured it out

Brenda Watson wrote a book about it…

I stumbled upon it by accident by monitoring my weight loss chart, and couldn’t believe it when…


I lost 2 pounds in a day after having a mix of soluable and insoluable fiber the last half of the previous day.

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38 foods I’ll bet you’re not eating…

By charly2 On January 8th

Wow, I saw this on the Today Show not too long ago, and once I checked it out, I was impressed…


Here’s a list of 38 foods I’ll bet you’re not eating — but should be…

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5 Reasons Blueberries Kick Ass!

By charly2 On December 23rd

I find it interesting that humans have dissected, engineered, and mutilated foods to make them taste better (think potatoes and the french fry), when all along nature has provided the best tasting foods…

A few examples are:

  • Apples,
  • Strawberries,
  • Oranges,
  • Kiwis,
  • Bananas,
  • Pineapple, and even, yes,
  • Blueberries.


As I’ve become a major fan of eating simple, healthy foods – which has been one of the biggest reasons I’ve lost so much weight – I’ve found that I absolutely LOVE blueberries!

Here’s 5 Reasons Blueberries Kick Ass:

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7 Ways to Track What You Eat

By charly2 On December 5th

It’s been said that if you wrote down everything you ate, you’d eat 30% less.

I do, and I have — and the benefit to me has not only been feeling better, but losing a ton of weight in the process!

daily food log template

Here are 7 Ways to Track What You Eat:

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Simple, healthy foods that combat cancer

By charly2 On November 7th

Have you ever had someone you love die of cancer?

I have, I was there through the entire process :( and…

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In the next year, more than 230,000 men in the US will learn they have prostate cancer…

If you’re below the age of 50, your odds are very low.


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One thing that my wife and I have discovered is that…

…there are many ways to season food without having to use traditional:

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Find your *@#$%^! inspiration!

By charly2 On October 21st

I’m going to tell you a secret — for 10 years, I’ve found this photo…

…is the most inspirational to me for:

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Set your Start Date

By charly2 On October 16th

Getting results requires action!

When you’re ready to start living your new lifestyle, you need to pick a start date.

Personally, I hate start dates because…

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Watch the weight fall off!

By charly2 On October 11th

“Your face is so much thinner!”

I think that’s the biggest compliment I’ve been hearing in the last few months – and that makes me very happy.

You can see the difference when you compare the photo above, taken on a recent trip to DisneyWorld, to this one.

It’s refreshing to hear those comments, however, it was much more amazing to me to see these results –

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In the last few years I’ve become especially fond of the saying -

“You can’t change what you don’t measure”

as a matter of fact, I’ve made some big life changes using it.  (I saved 50% on my car & boat insurance because of it.)

The most helpful change I’ve made, that has played a key role in helping me create & maintain my new lifestyle is…

…keeping track of what I eat in a daily food log.

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Eat half and watch what happens!

By charly2 On September 30th

If there’s one thing you can do, that will generate results immediately, it’s…

…eating half of what you normally do!

It’s as easy as it sounds!

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It’s true – you have to be vigilant…

By charly2 On September 27th

One trait that I’ve noticed about people who’ve had a weight…

…issue at some point in their life, changed their lifestyle and lost a lot of weight is that they’re food vigilant.

USAToday just posted this article reviewing exactly what I’ve noticed:

  • Those people are more physically active, knowing the importance of exercise.
  • They do higher intensity work-outs about an hour a week.
  • Are restrained eaters who watch calorie intake.

I’m definitely much more aware of my calorie intake now-a-days, and have a fairly intense exercise routine as well.

How many people do you know like that?

Get to know your support system

By charly2 On September 20th

As you test some new approaches to living, don’t be surprised to find out family & friends aren’t so supportive.

They may not say it, but their actions will definitely show it.

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Create and test your new lifestyle

By charly2 On September 17th

A few years ago, I realized I wasn’t ready to completely commit to a new style of living, BUT…

…I knew I couldn’t continue on the path I was on (look at my extra chin in that photo!) so the thought came to me:

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Eat simple, healthy foods

By charly2 On September 13th

Over the last year, I’ve found out that eating simple, healthy foods first…

Healthy Foods

…leaves little room in my stomach for the bad ones. :)

In the last year, I’ve gotten real clear on two things:

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Get a scale & use it daily!

By charly2 On September 10th

I believe “you can’t change what you don’t measure“.

The only way you’ll succeed in losing weight, is if you weigh yourself daily.  It’s very important to do this under the same conditions every day.

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Creating loss & maintenance lifestyles

By charly2 On September 7th

When you want to lose weight, you live in “loss mode”.

When you want to maintain your weight, you live in “maintenance mode”.

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